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Sample Job Description - Company Driver

Overall Responsibility : Responsible for operating the Company’s motor vehicles and carrying out courier functions.

Reports to : The Finance, Accounting and Administration Manager

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Accurately complete and submit all necessary paperwork, such as daily dispatch sheets, petty cash items, etc.

Delivery and pickup of items, documentation ensuring accurate capture of what the item/documentation is, who requested the transport of the item, who received the item, and obtaining proper signatures.

Keep assigned vehicles free from damage, in acceptable condition, and consistently clean in a manner. Employee must ensure that the vehicle is in proper and safe condition prior to use, and accept responsibility to report any damage or mechanical malfunctions that exist.

Manage various products and merchandise responsibly while in the act of loading, unloading, or transporting items, ensuring that cargo is properly secured to avoid damage.

Employee must accept responsibility for proper use and maintenance of keys, pagers, and radios, meaning that pagers and radios must be worn for the duration of assigned shifts, and keys must be properly checked in and out.

Work extra/overtime hours as needed according to departmental workload.

Maintain an excellent driving record, meaning that a valid Jamaican license must be presented at the time of employment, and no more than two violations can exist on an employee’s driving record at any given time.

Be willing and able to work on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Operate vehicles and equipment safely and responsibly, as assigned.

Respect and maintain the relationship of trust required to obtain a high level of security access to offices, homes, and properties of company personnel without supervision.

Be willing and able to perform tasks without direct supervision that may require physical labor, and possibly the use of hand tools. This work may need to be performed both indoors and outdoors in inclement weather.

Dress in a fashion that enables the employee to complete the daily tasks, while maintaining a professional and appropriate appearance.

Transport employees, Distributors, and other individuals as directed, in a safe and responsible manner. This includes departmental training, new employee orientation, shuttle transportation for Distributor training and various activities, shuttle transportation for conventions and conferences, airport runs, etc.

Responsible for transporting product and various items pertaining to departmental moves, long hauls, destroy runs, relocation of product to outside warehousing, etc.

Complete all other tasks as assigned.


Driver’s License, and good driving record.

Demonstrate dependability and self-motivation.

Be able to frequently lift up to 100 lbs.

Read, write, understand, and communicate clearly in English.

Exhibit leadership skills (primarily when assigned as Team Leader for on-call duties).

Maintain high level of personal integrity and reliability.

Maintain good physical condition that will enable Driver to stoop, bend, twist, and perform other motions, requiring strength and endurance when performing manual labor indoors or outdoors.

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